Project details:
Responsible for many individual assets and system/menu screen designs for the major Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2. As a product owner of the Triumphs and Collections feature I was responsible the the visual style, UX design and in-engine implementation of this feature and all it's connected system, These includes triumphs, collections, record cards, shield emblems and titles. I was also responsible for refreshing a few existing item inspect screens to make way for a new weapon modding system, along with overhauling the 'toast' notification system. I was also tasked with solving the visual problem of handling/tracking the new 'Baron' activities in the menu, in game and on the world map as well as providing new icons and reticles for a range of new super abilities and sub-class progression icons. Working on Forsaken was an absolute blast, as we got to add so many new features to game to greatly improve longevity and value as well as many quality of life upgrades and much requested UI features.
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